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West Virginia University

Bjorn C. G. Soderberg



Address: 365 Chemistry Research Labs
Phone: 304-293-0223


Ph.D., Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Research Interests in development of novel synthetic methodology based on transition metal catalyzed or mediated reactions and synthesis of biologically active products.

Teaching Fields

Organic Chemistry

Courses Offered

Chem 233, 234, 235, 236, 335


1. M. M. Cummings, R. W. Clawson Jr., S. B. Sharma, R. A. Byerly, N. G. Akhmedov, B. C. G. Söderberg, “An expedient synthesis of salviadione.” Tetrahedron 2011, 67, 4753-4757.

2. S. R. Banini, M. R. Turner, M. M. Cummings, B. C. G. Söderberg, “A base-modulated chemoselective synthesis of 3-cyanoindoles or 4-cyanoquinolines using a palladium-catalyzed N-heterocyclization.” Tetrahedron 2011, 67, 3603-3611.

3. B. C. G. Söderberg, J. A. Shriver, and J. M. Wallace, “Synthesis of Indoles by Palladium Catalyzed Reductive N-Heteroannulation of 2-Nitrostyrenes: Methyl Indole-4-carboxylate” Org. Synth. Discuss. Addendum 2011, 88, 291-295.

4. S. P. Gorugantula, G. M. Carrero-Martínez, S. W. Dantale, B. C. G. Söderberg, “Palladium-catalyzed reductive N-heterocyclization of alkenyl-substituted nitroarenes as a viable method for the preparation of bicyclic pyrrolo-fused heteroaromatic compounds.” Tetrahedron 2010, 66, 1800-1805.

5. N. G. Akhmedov, C. A. Dacko, A. Güven, B. C. G. Söderberg, “Complete Assignment of the 1H and 13C NMR Spectra of Monosubstituted 3-([(2R,5S)-5-Isopropyl-3,6-dimethoxy-2,5-dihydropyrazin-2-yl]methyl)-1H-indoles Using the Gradient Selected gCOSY, gHSQC and gHMBC Techniques”, Magn. Reson. Chem. 2010, 48, 134-150.

Book Chapters and Reviews

1. L. S. Hegedus, B. C. G. Söderberg, “Transition Metals in the Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules.” Third Ed.; University Science Books. 2009.

2. B. C. G. Söderberg, “Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis: Highlights for the Year 2005.” Coord. Chem. Rev. 2008, 252, 57-133.

3. B. C. G. Söderberg, “Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis: Highlights for the Year 2004.” Coord. Chem. Rev. 2006, 250, 2411-2490.

4. B. C. G. Söderberg, “Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis: Highlights for the Year 2003.” Coord. Chem. Rev. 2006, 250, 300-387.

5. B. C. G. Söderberg, “Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis: Transition Metal Carbonyl Complexes.” In “Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry, Second Ed., “Charles M. Lukehart Ed.; John Wiley & Sons, 2005.

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