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West Virginia University

Michelle Richards-Babb

Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Research in University College


Address: 461 Chemistry Research Labs
Phone: 304-293-0912


Ph.D., Lehigh University

Research interest in chemical education, particularly the freshmen chemistry learning experience, undergraduate research and STEM outreach.

Recipient of a 2013/2014 Eberly College Outstanding Teacher Award.

Teaching Fields

General and organic chemistry

Courses Offered

Chem 110, Chem 115, Chem 116, Chem 231, Chem 233, Chem 401, and Chem 790 or preparatory chemistry, general chemistry I and II, short course organic chemistry, organic chemistry I, chemical literature, and teaching practicum for future faculty.


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2. Richards-Babb, M., Penn, J.H., & Withers, M. (2014). “Results of a practicum offering teaching-focused graduate student professional development”. Journal of Chemical Education, 91, 1867-1873.

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5. Richards-Babb, M., Carroll, R.L., & Sweeney, R.J. “Ferrofluid synthesis: Concurrently teaching laboratory techniques and enhancing interest in nanoscience”, The Chemical Educator 2010, 15, 1-6.

6. Vannatta, M., Richards-Babb, M., & Sweeney, R.J. “Oxalate synthesis and pyrolysis: A colorful introduction to stoichiometry”, Journal of Chemical Education 2010, 87(11), 1225-1229.

7. Vannatta, M., Richards-Babb, M., & Sweeney, R.J. “Thermochemistry to the rescue: A novel calorimetry experiment for general chemistry”, Journal of Chemical Education 2010, 87(11), 1222-1224.

8. Richards-Babb, M., Bishoff, J., Carver, J.S., Fisher, K., & Robertson-Honecker, J. “Keeping it safe: Chemical safety in the high school laboratory”, Journal of Chemical Health and Safety 2010, 17(1), 6-14.

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